Food groups to follow

  1. Tasty on Facebook
  2. Elana’s Pantry – Facebook and website

Below are some of the recipes I use at home. Each have a low-carb adjustment if you are banting or just following a LCHF diet.


  1. Jungle Juice – for new moms (boosts energy and helps with the production of breastmilk)
  2. Summer tea – refreshing any time drink
  3. Flu tea – for when you feel achy
  4. Cough mixture – all natural. The kids can use it too.


  1. On the go cold breakfast – yoghurt, nut butter, fruit
  2. On the go warm breakfast – cheese, eggs and bacon

Light meals

  1. Summer salad with protein – greens, other veggies, avo and a protein
  2. Butternut cold salad – raw butternut and pineapple
  3. Butternut summer salad – greens, grilled butternut, salad cheese and other veggies


  1. Bacon-wrapped stuffed chicken breasts
  2. Chicken and bacon stew
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