Makes 5 litres


  • Around 8 or 10 Rooibos tea bags – you are welcome to make this interesting. I preferred using chamomile rooibos (4 bags) with flavoured rooibos (4 bags) in one brew.
  • Rescue remedy drops – one whole bottle.
  • 2 – 3 sachets Rehidrat – I use the black current flavour.
  • 100 – 150ml Berry elixir – feel free to use Schlehen’s Blackthorn Berry Elixir, or Clicks’s or Dischem’s generics.
  • 2 Vitamin C fizzy tablets – Cal-C-Vita, or Clicks’s or Dischem’s generics.
  • Optional: 2 Vitathion fizzy tablets – If you’re not taking extra vitamin B’s, consider adding the Vitathion fizzies
  • Enough water to top up to 5 litres


  • Add the tea bags to a big jug (1 litre or more) and poor boiling water over if you’re using a kettle. If you prefer brewing your tea on the stove, be sure to brew at least a litre and let it stand to cool with the tea bags in.
  • Once cool/fully brewed, remove the tea bags and get the rest of the ingredients ready.
  • Add everything to a 5 litre bottle and top up with filtered water or tap water if you trust your tap water.
  • Put in the fridge and drink about 3 – 4 cups a day. I drink one beer glass full twice a day.

Low carb adjustment

This is not a carb conscious refreshment. If you want to boost your energy and milk production but also want to watch your carb consumption, I would suggest getting lactation tea from your nearest health shop and be good about taking extra Vitamin B complex. It’s cheaper than the juice, works better and only contains the herbs necessary to assist your body with the task of producing milk.


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