“Last night Jaco and Kira were playing around again and for the slightest of moments I got to just look at him and everything in me wanted to freeze time. I love him so much. I care for him even more now than I thought was possible for another human. I understood this feeling towards Kira. Nature makes sure that as a mom your maternal instincts assures this feeling. What I feel for Jaco now is because of the Dad he is and the safety he provides for our family. I appreciate him and in getting to see the depths with which he cares for us, I have grown in my admiration and respect for him as the head of this household.”

I wrote this. I wrote this just before Luca came. It was the 9th of October 2019. Luca is here now and all I can say is that I want to write this all over again, just with Luca in it.

What happened for us is that hubby had to talk to me more than once about trying to handle all of it on my own. He wanted to be a part of both of their lives. I can see him loving Luca as he loves Kira. My heart burns with this. Not just the love and care he shows me, but the love he shows our children. Men, do you want to know how to show your women you love them? This is it. Love your offspring. And then hold your wife like she is the mother of your children and this matters.

Jaco-love, soon you will celebrate another birthday. The kids and I have been planning for at least a month. I want you to know you are loved and respected. Happy birthday my Handsome! I love you!

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